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About Shark Shield

Shark Shield is a unique shark deterrent system utilizing a technologically advanced, three dimensional electrical wave form. Shark Shield technology is available for recreational and commercial users to allow everyone to enjoy the water in the absence of the stress and anxiety accompanied by the fear of sharks and instead with a new dimension - peace of mind; for their families, their employees and themselves.

The various shark repellent products repel the sharks via an electric field that induces spasms in the sharks' snouts. It does not attract sharks to the area or leave permanent damage to the animals, or harm the environment. Our products are proven to prevent shark attacks protecting us from the oceans most deadly predator.

Shark Shield was invented by the South African Government through the Natal Shark Board, home of the some of the most notorious shark infested waters in the world. The product is used among others by the Australian Elite Military, the South African Navy the US Coast Guard and is also approved by NATO as protection from the dangers of the deep blue.

Shark Shield's can be used when participating in any ocean activity including surfing, bodyboarding, longboarding, snorkelling, scuba diving, free diving, spear fishing, commercial diving, kayaking, ocean swimming and boating or fishing. Each Shark Shield product provides protection against all predatory shark species including Great Whites, Tigers, Zambezis (Bulls), Makos, Bronze Whalers and many other predatory sharks.

Sharks have inhabited the ocean for more than 400 million years. Some people respect and revere them, but most simply fear them. The ocean has much to offer and by eliminating the fear of shark attack, the ocean wonders will be opened up to many more lovers of the sea as the ocean has always fascinated humans. However for many people their fear for one of the ocean's most talked about inhabitants, keeps them from participating in ocean activities they otherwise would love to try. As the oceans stores of fish continue to be depleted there seems to be increasing shark sightings and certainly there have been a number of attacks in the recent past. So the notion behind this device is to give ocean lovers the protection and peace of mind they need to enable them to partake in activities they previously were afraid to try.

There has been extensive research on the Shark Shield products beginning in the 1990s where the device has been continually tested, proven and made to be more economically advance over time. There is currently further research in progress to produce a product that protects larger areas such as aquaculture farms and beaches.

We are also proud of our environmental qualification. Shark Shield will reduce the slaughter of sharks directly by ultimately replacing shark nets, and indirectly by protecting all types of ocean users. This is expected to reduce the clamour to kill sharks. Shark Shield has no long term effect on sharks or indeed any other creature.

Shark Shield is increasing the levels of participation in water sports and helps make people's working environment much safer. It is a small price to pay to protect yourself and others from the apex of predators in the environment.

A New Face for Shark Shield

Marine Biologist and professional Shark Diver, Luke Tipple, has spent the last 10 years working with sharks. He has shared his extensive knowledge with thousands of adventure seekers through his shark diving operations and has worked with Discovery Channel, MythBusters, Spike TV, Ushuaia Nature, and Government agencies as an authority in safe shark interactions. Luke is also the Director of the Shark-Free Marina Initiative which promotes shark conservation world-wide.

Luke hails from Adelaide Australia and makes his living travelling and diving with predatory shark species world-wide. With thousands of dives in the most extreme conditions for both work and play Luke Tipple recommends and dives with Shark Shield.

"Since being introduced to the Shark Shield I've tested it on a range of species including Tiger sharks, Hammerheads, Lemon, Bull and the Great White Shark. I've witnessed its effectiveness in deterring an investigation from these animals and I consider it part of my everyday safety strategy." - Luke Tipple